IAAS-logo-WebsiteIAAS, the International Association of Students in Agricultural and Related Sciences, is a worldwide network of student leaders in the aforementioned fields. Its mission is to promote the exchange of experience, knowledge and ideas, and to improve the mutual understanding between students in the fields of agricultural and related sciences all over the world. Since its establishment in 1957, IAAS has expanded its reach to over 40 countries, with multiple chapters in many of the countries. IAAS organizes activities like seminars, working camps, international meetings, exchange weeks, an international exchange program and small-scale development projects.

The Iowa State University International Agriculture Club (IAAS-ISU) is one of the more than fifty established IAAS Committees around the world. Over the past eight years, IAAS-ISU has been a part of many Iowa State students’ lives and serves as a network for learning, collaboration, and travel. IAAS-ISU is composed of determined and curious students from diverse disciplines, united by an interest in international agriculture.

As a part of IAAS World, IAAS-ISU sends students to international conferences around the world to learn about agriculture and collaborate and network with students from other countries. We also work hard to involve our student members in local activities such as visits to area community farms, lectures from professors and policy makers, and attending conferences such as the World Food Prize. IAAS-ISU is a body of engaged students from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines with common interests in global food systems, sustainable development, and life-long learning.  In addition to engaging in community activities and international events, our IAAS committee at ISU meets bi-weekly in the Multi-Cultural Center of the Memorial Union.