IAAS-logo-WebsiteIAAS, the International Association of Students in Agricultural and Related Sciences, is a worldwide network of student leaders in the aforementioned fields. Its mission is to promote the exchange of experience, knowledge and ideas, and to improve the mutual understanding between students in the fields of agricultural and related sciences all over the world. Since its establishment in 1957, IAAS has expanded its reach to over 40 countries, with multiple chapters in many of the countries. IAAS organizes activities like seminars, working camps, international meetings, exchange weeks, an international exchange program and small-scale development projects.

The Iowa State University International Agriculture Club (IAAS-ISU) is one of the more than fifty established IAAS Committees around the world. Over the past eight years, IAAS-ISU has been a part of many Iowa State students’ lives and serves as a network for learning, collaboration, and travel. IAAS-ISU is composed of determined and curious students from diverse disciplines, united by an interest in international agriculture.

As a part of IAAS World, IAAS-ISU sends students to international conferences around the world to learn about agriculture and collaborate and network with students from other countries. We also work hard to involve our student members in local activities such as visits to area community farms, lectures from professors and policy makers, and attending conferences such as the World Food Prize. IAAS-ISU is a body of engaged students from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines with common interests in global food systems, sustainable development, and life-long learning.  In addition to engaging in community activities and international events, our IAAS committee at ISU meets bi-monthly in the Multi-Cultural Center of the Memorial Union.

IAAS-ISU Leadership


samiaasSam Ennett is currently a junior in Global Resource Systems and Environmental Science. He has interests in water conservation, environmental conservation, and water pollution related to modern agricultural practices and the effects they have on our society. He looks forward to leading an amazing group of passionate people for this coming year in IAAS. In his spare time Sam likes to hike, fish, and play soccer.

Email: iaasisu@gmail.com






Vice President



Julie Perreault is a senior studying global resource systems and environmental science. Her original interests in anthropogenic environment change has catalyzed interest in agricultural issues, especially global water issues, including, water scarcity, access, quality and the resulting health implications.  As the Vice President of IAAS ISU, she enjoys engaging and educating students about various agricultural and related issues. Julie is always up for a good conversation about everything from global agriculture and sustainable city design, to one of her many other interests such as music, traveling, good food, art, writing, and hiking. 





Paige IAASPaige Myers is a freshman in Global Resource Systems and Agriculture and Society.  She joined IAAS to broaden her horizons and her understanding of global agriculture. Paige believes in the importance of agriculture because as Norman Borlaug said, “Food is the moral right of all who are born into this world.”She also went to Tanzania and worked in a Children’s feeding center starting up a child sponsorship program for Outreach . In her spare time Paige enjoys dancing, spending time with her family (and show goats!), learning more about agriculture, and hanging out with friends.








Alexandria Wilson is a freshman in Animal Science and Global Resource Systems. Allie is passionate about fighting hunger through livestock production and female empowerment. Allie’s drive comes from a recent summer long internship in Costa Rica. This led Allie to become motivated to fight hunger abroad. Coming from a suburban New Jersey area, this was her first time abroad and her first time facing the harsh reality of hunger.  She hopes to continue traveling throughout the world, broaden her perspective, and help others. She also enjoys petting dogs, reading, aimlessly binge watching netflix, sarcasm, and bad puns. Allie is eager and ready to become involved with IAAS in the coming years.





Fundraising Chair



 Mikayla Sullivan is a sophomore in Global Resource Systems and Public Service and Administration in Agriculture. She joined IAAS in fall 2013 when she arrived at Iowa State. She has enjoyed getting involved in IAAS thus far and traveling to Poland for the European Director’s Meeting over winter break of 2013, as well as helping plan World Congress for this coming summer. Outside of IAAS, she enjoys going on adventures, baking delicious treats, and spending time with friends.




Recruitment Chair



Greer Brown, outreach co-coordinator, is a junior in Economics and Global Resource Systems. She joined IAAS in the winter of 2014 in the hopes of becoming better- rounded agriculturally and ended up making great friends. Her interests lie primarily in the social and economic advancement of women. With most women in developing countries working in agriculture, IAAS ties perfectly into her areas of interest. Between the farm tours, unique presentations during clubs, and boundless conference opportunities, Greer has learned a lot through IAAS and is excited to be part of the executive board for the Iowa State chapter.