Our Executive Team


Paige IAAS

Paige Myers is a sophomore in Global Resource Systems and Agriculture and Society.  She joined IAAS to broaden her horizons and her understanding of global agriculture. Paige believes in the importance of agriculture because as Norman Borlaug said, “Food is the moral right of all who are born into this world.”She also went to Tanzania and worked in a Children’s feeding center starting up a child sponsorship program for Outreach . In her spare time Paige enjoys reading, traveling, and knitting.






Lauren Suhi is currently a sophomore studying Environmental Science and Global Resource Systems. Her interests in sustainable agriculture has developed through attending the World Food Prize with IAAS along with other professors who share her interest across campus. Coming from suburban Chicagoland, she has been enthusiastically trying to catch up to the learning curve about agricultural issues. She joined IAAS in 2014 to learn more about agriculture and travel opportunities at ISU. Besides studying or watching reruns of Sex and the City, she also enjoys making and eating macaroni and cheese while occasionally going on rants on environmental quality.





Vice President

10983323_10155504893515261_763807748119064482_nHeidi Kalb is a sophomore Global Resource Systems major. She enjoys staying involved in clubs, going on spontaneous adventures,volunteering, and pretending to be crafty. Heidi got involved with IAAS at the beginning of freshman year. IAAS is important to Heidi because she has a passion for agriculture and the world and IAAS combines the two into a wonderful worldwide organization.








SpainDakota Olson is a sophomore double majoring in Global Resource Systems and Agriculture and Society. He is passionate about global food security issues. Kody has previously interned with the World Food Prize Organization and has served as the Vice President of the Southeast District of the Iowa FFA Association. He currently serves on the ISU Freshman Council and is interning under the National Secretary of Agriculture’s Office in Washington DC. Kody has a strange obsession with Spiderman, dinosaurs, and rhinos.